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Before and After Pictures​

Project |01


This coat closet was full of coats that were no longer worn and were able to be donated to someone that could use them. The old paint was carefully disposed of by adding sawdust to dry it up, so I could put it in the trash in a more environmentally friendly way. Many areas also offer household waste drop-offs throughout the year, so please think before you toss.

Project |02


This homeowner was unable to get to items on the shelves because there was so much piled on the floor. We were able to donate several sets of sheets and pare down and organize her Christmas decor and wrapping supplies to make them easily accessible.

Project |03


This pantry was overrun with expired food and empty meal containers the homeowner had good intentions to reuse. After ridding two garbage bags of expired food and re-purposing, recycling and donating tons of containers, the homeowner can now see and know what she has, so she's no longer wasting money on buying food that then expires from not being able to find it.

Project |04


This closet was crammed with old toxic cleaners the homeowner no longer used along with a variety of miscellaneous items that were better suited in other parts of the home. I was able to take the cleaners to dispose of at a hazardous waste drive and corral the remaining in a clear container, so the homeowner can see what they have.

Project |05


This boy's bedroom needed organized and staged for selling. By putting the bed on one wall and all other furniture on the opposing side, the room gained a lot of visual space.

Project |06


This bar area including the cabinets was a catch all for a variety of items including a large collection of cassette tapes, which were successfully taken by someone on, so I didn't have to put them in the trash.

Project |07


This homeowner's idea of upward storage with shelving in their garage was good, but over time piles prevented access to the shelves. Much of what was there was unneeded and in the end there was an empty shelf.

Project |08


This catch all room didn't make a very good kids play area. With a few hours of decluttering this room is now kid friendly and toys from the living room were also able to be placed in this same room. 

Current Projects


Stay tuned to see the "After" pictures! I love the challenge and know you will love the results of having an organized home! You will be amazed at the money, time and energy you will save.


Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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